Trip to Baits Bite Lock (First trip added!)

I’m happy to announce that first trip has been added!

This is a trip to the Baits Bite Lock along the river. It’s for everyone. It should take you 2-3 hours of walking or around 45min-1hr of cycling to get there and return. There will be many places to rest or to have a picnic.

The are two options for the trip: along the left or right river bank (or you can make a loop). Right side is wilder and more diversified. Although, muddy during the winter. There are also a few gates to cross on the way. Personally, I like it more. However, it’s not the best option for cyclists, prams or runners going for a record – they would prefer left river bank, which is hard surface all around the year.

If you choose the right side, you may also be keen to visit old village Fen Ditton that is on the way.

Please see the trip to the Baits Bite Lock for more detailed trip description!

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