Kayaking to Baits Bite Lock

Kayak picture at the Baits Bait Lock

You don’t need to have professional touring kayak to spend a few exciting hours on the water. Kayak trip to Baits Bite Lock and back takes around 2-3 hours. It’s amazing to start 1 hour before the sunset. Especially, when you expect full moon and clear sky!

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I started the trip from Midsummer Common. First I paddled down the river along Riverside street leaving behind Cambridge Museum of Technology and Logan’s Meadow LNR.

I kayaked under the Green Dragon Bridge and moved along the Stourbridge Common leaving the city. After next bridge (railway and foot/cycle bridges), Ditton Meadows appeared on the right. It is a good place for a break or a picnic on your way back.

Next, after leaving Ditton Meadows, I was kayaking along Fen Ditton grounds and picturesque houses located by the river. There is a pub/restaurant on the right river bank there as well. From there I had another 2km to get to the Baits Bite Lock. When I got there it was already dark. I kayaked back under the clear sky and moon shining bright…

  • Start: Midsummer Common
  • Endpoint: Baits Bite Lock
  • Distance: 10km
  • Time: 1.5-3h
  • Suitable for inflatable unit: yes
  • Portages: no

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