Trip to Cow Hollow Wood

Cow Hollow Wood was planted in 2000 to celebrate beginning of the new millennium. The name refers to the old field name for the site when the field was a meadow grazed by cattle. It is a native broadleaved woodland, a species mix associated with Wet Woodland habitat (willow, ash, alder, birch, field maple and oak, with shrubby edges of hawthorn, blackthorn, guelder rose, hazel and dogwood).

The wood is relatively small. There are a few paths to explore. You will find good places for a picnic too. There is also interesting part that has been planted with osiers and is managed as coppice. Currently, you can see how it is regrowing after last cut. If you visit the wood from time to time, you will see how fast it is happening!

The path from Cambridge to Cow Hollow Wood leads along the River Cam for 8km. It is good for cycling and walking.

You can also have a quick break in Cow Hollow Wood on your way to the Bottisham Lock or Ely.

Check out trip to Cow Hollow Wood description to see how to get there and for more photos!

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