Trip to Ely

Route from Cambridge to Ely is a part of the Fen Rivers Way, an 80km walk from Cambridge to King’s Lynn. The trip distance is 27km, in case you decide to take a train back to Cambridge from Ely. More experienced backpackers, cyclists or trail runners can extend it easily to 54km by taking the way back to Cambridge. It shouldn’t be boring – there are 2 options for the trip, along left or right river bank. Both have a few very interesting points and amazing views on the way, although they are a bit different. In our opinion it is one of the most fulfilling and interesting daily trips from Cambridge.

On the way from Cambridge to Ely you enter The Fens, a coastal plain in eastern England. This region lies only a few meters above the sea level and in the past was regularly flooded. Nowadays, it is drained and protected from the floods. However, you will see some examples of Willows and Washes, rich in wetland species, especially in easy to spot birds (binoculars are a must have for this trip). If you plan your route carefully, it will pass through Kingfishers Bridge Natural Reserve, which is great example of a few different wetland habitats.

During this trip you will reach picturesque point where River Cam ends – it joins river Great Ouse. Whichever side of the river you choose, you will reach this point.

When you reach Ely, the railway station and train back to Cambridge are generally firsts object to come across in in the city. However, you may decide to go to the city to relax and refresh – Marina with some pubs and restaurants is perfect place for this and is located around 500m from the point you enter Ely.

Check out our trip to Ely description to see how to get there and for more details!

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