Trip to Byron’s Pool LNR

Byron’s Pool was named after Lord Byron who used to swim there. It is a woodland site located around 5km from Cambridge, next to the River Cam. To get there from Cambridge, you will walk along the River Cam through picturesque areas such as Coe Fen, Sheep’s Green, Paradise LNR and Grantchester Meadows.

There are a few ponds in this forest. The mix of woodland, small ponds and the river attract many birds, amphibians, butterflies, damselflies and dragonflies. Interestingly, the site is being managed through the removal of non-native species and introduction of native species.

This is perfect place for a relaxing walk, quick cycling trip or a place to go for a picnic. It is a very nice destination for kayaking, canoeing or SUPing as well!

Check out trip to Byron’s Pool description to see how to get there and for more pictures and details!

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