Coastal trip: Sheringham

There is nothing more relaxing than a sea view. Well, maybe a sea view from height makes it even better… And this is something you can find in Sheringham and along this part of the coast. Perfect place for a relaxing day away from the city!

Sheringham is a destination easy to reach from Cambridge and can give you some idea about the Norfolk Coast Path, a 135km long route from Hunstanton to Hopton-on-Sea offering rocky and sandy beaches as well as stunning views from the cliffs. Paths along the coast from Sheringham are part of this route.

Satisfying trip can be closed within one day, including travel to and from Cambridge. However, it is possible (and worth!) to stay in Sheringham or other coastal city for a weekend break and then explore a few different routes and options.

It will be great place to visit not only for hikers, cyclists and trail runners but also for those, who would like to spend time enjoying a sea view and visiting Sheringham and Cromer. Both are traditional seaside towns offering many attractions and some shorter routes to explore in-between.

Check out our full description of the trip from Sheringham to see how to get there and for more details!

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