Cycling to Ely via National Cycling Routes

Cycling from Cambridge to Ely via National Cycling Routes is completely different experience from trekking along the river (described here). I think that ‘open space’ would be right term to describe this 38km long track. Comfortable hard-surface cycling route leads along streets and through farmlands, villages and wetlands.

It can be done within 2-3 hours as a part of your training or it can take a whole day, if you prefer to take it slowly. Nature reserves on the way, picturesque spots, opportunities for sightseeing or visiting local pubs make latter option appealing!

In Ely you may head towards the marina and restaurants with a river view (staring at the boats entering or leaving Ely is a 5-star attraction in my opinion…). You can also move to the city centre and Ely Cathedral for some sightseeing.  

You can easily return from Ely by train or cycle back to Cambridge, extending your trip to more than 70km!

Check out ourCycling trip to Ely‘ full description to see how to get there and for additional details!

Check out ‘Cycling trip to Ely’ full description for additional details and pictures:

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