Evening kayak trip from Midsummer Common to the Byron’s Pool

Yesterday, I really wanted to go for an evening kayak trip from Midsummer Common to Byron’s Pool and back. After Mental Health Awareness Week with Nature, I decided that Wednesday was a perfect day to take a breath. However, the weather was unstable and it was difficult to predict whether it would rain or not...

In the end I decided to go for it! Keeping in mind that it was already late and that it was almost 15km to get there and return, with some light and waterproof clothes on board, I headed out at around 7pm. As it often happens, after first step (or a paddle stroke), I felt great, knowing already that this trip would be uplifting.

Paddling along Midsummer Common and Jesus Green, I passed the rowing clubs and Jesus Lock.

And then I rowed through the city centre and ‘the Backs’, which can be separate amazing (but short) trip.

Next, I was leaving slowly the city behind, while going through Sheep’s Green, Coe Fen and along Paradise Local Nature Reserve. From here the the river became wilder.

In next 15 minutes, I got to Grantchester Meadows and continued kayaking upriver to Byron’s Pool, enjoying sunset views.

I got to Byron’s Pool just before 9pm, last moment before the nightfall. There was no one there… I stayed for a while submerged in forest sounds…

Coming back home at night, after spending almost four amazing hours on the water, I felt really great…

  • Start: Midsummer Common
  • Endpoint: Byron’s Pool
  • Distance: 15km
  • Time: 2-4h
  • Suitable for inflatable unit: yes
  • Portages: yes – two

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