Bottisham Lock

  • Start: Midsummer Common
  • Distance: 20km
  • Time: walk (5-6h), cycle (2-3h)
  • Loop: yes – alternative between: [Cambridge-Baits Bite Lock] and [the bridge by the Cow Hollow Wood-Bottisham Lock]
  • Alternative options: running, kayak/canoe, SUP
  • When you get there: picnic, walking around

From the Midsummer Common walk down the river (i.e. East). After around 1.5km you will get to Stourbridge Common and the Green Dragon Bridge.

-> Here, you need to decide:

  • you can cross the bridge and continue along the left river bank until you get to the Baits Bite Lock. This option is less exciting and easier but at the same time good for late autumn, winter and early spring – it’s dry. It is also best choice for cycling or running.
  • you can also continue on the right side of the river. This side is much more interesting in my opinion. However, from November to February you will need to be prepared for mud and water. This side leads through the picturesque Ditton Meadows and then old Fen Ditton village. In Fen Ditton, reach St Mary the Virgin Church and turn left (to the North), through the Fen Ditton Recreation Ground. Next, keep along the right side of the river and you’ll get to the Baits Bite Lock.

From the Baits Bite Lock, walk 3km down the river along left river bank. You will get to the bridge (Clayhithe Rd).

-> Here, you need to decide:

  • Cross the bridge (Clayhithe Rd) and continue along the right river bank – walk another 1.6km down the river and you will get to the Bottisham Lock.
  • Turn left on the bridge and walk 300m along Clayhithe Rd. From there look for a path going to the right and leading to the left river bank. when you get to the river, walk along the left river bank until you reach the Bottisham Lock.

Return: You can choose one of the above options to return to the bridge. Then, after returning to the Baits Bite Lock, you can choose one of two alternative paths to Cambridge.

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