Byron’s Pool

  • Start: Mill Ln/Granta Pl corner (in front of The Mill pub)
  • Distance: 10km
  • Time: walk (2-3h), cycle (1-1.5h)
  • Loop: yes – different routes through the Grantchester Meadows
  • Alternative options: running, kayak/canoe, SUP
  • When you get there: picnic, walking around, reading and relaxing

From Mill Ln/Granta Pl corner (front of the The Mill pub) cross the bridge and walk along the river in upriver direction through Coe Fen and Sheep’s Green. Next, turn right and cross the bridge. From there, continue to walk along the river (this time on the right bank) through the Paradise LNR. You should get to the Grantchester Meadows street which leads to the Grantchester Meadows.

From the Grantchester Meadows, walk another 2km along the river. You will get to the Grantchester Rd and the bridge. Cross the river and keep along the road for around 500m. Then, look out for the entrance to the Byron’s Pool LNR, which will be on the right.

Return: you can take the same way to return. You can also make small modifications s described in the trip to Grantchester Meadows.

From the blog:

Trip to Byron’s Pool LNR

Byron’s Pool was named after Lord Byron who used to swim there. It is a woodland site located around 5km from Cambridge, next to the River Cam. To get…

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