Short and relaxing paddling trips in Cambridge

Most of the time River Cam is calm and slow. This creates a great opportunity for short and relaxing paddling trips, even during the week when you have only a few hours after work. There are a few options for this within Cambridge. They include unusual sightseeing, picnics, visits in local pubs. Below I presentContinue reading “Short and relaxing paddling trips in Cambridge”

Trip to Byron’s Pool LNR

Byron’s Pool was named after Lord Byron who used to swim there. It is a woodland site located around 5km from Cambridge, next to the River Cam. To get there from Cambridge, you will walk along the River Cam through picturesque areas such as Coe Fen, Sheep’s Green, Paradise LNR and Grantchester Meadows. There areContinue reading “Trip to Byron’s Pool LNR”