Coastal Trip: Sheringham

If you are keen for a daily trip along the cliff edge by the sea, Sheringham is a perfect location for this! You can get there by train from Cambridge within 2.5h. Thus, it is easy to get there, take a trip and return to Cambridge within one day. It is also possible to stay in Sheringham or in other coastal city for a weekend break and then explore a few different routes.

  • Start: Sheringham
  • How to get there: train from Cambridge with transfer in Norwich (2.5h) or by car
  • Distance: flexible (5-20km)
  • Time: depending on the route
  • Loop: yes – paths on the cliffs and return along the beach; also possible if you decide to return through the countryside
  • Alternative options: (trail)running, cycling
  • When you get there: walking around Sheringham, a traditional seaside town with some additional attractions like heritage steam railway. There are also many bars, pubs and restaurants there.
  • Worth to note:
    • it is good to check Tide Times and Tide Charts and adjust your plan to it – during high tide time walk on the cliffs, during low tide you can walk in the other direction along the beach
    • it may be windy and then cold, even during the summer – be prepared for this!

Paths along the coast from Sheringham are part of the Norfolk Coast Path, a 135km long route from Hunstanton to Hopton-on-Sea.

If you travel by train, Sheringham is the final station.

When you get to the town, you can choose to go in eastern direction to Cromer along the cliff that is going up and down. This is option for a short but picturesque trip (7km), probably with some relaxing time by the sea or in one of the cities – both offer many options for this. This may be also great option for families with children. At the end of the day, you can get the train back to Cambridge from Cromer.

You can also decide to go in western direction. You will walk up and down along the cliff edge with a few points where it is possible to get down to the beach. Main cliff from Sheringham ends within 5km in Weybourne, a small fishing village. You may decide to take your way back along the beach. However, remember this is mostly a pebble (shingle) beach. It is good to check Tide Times and Tide Charts and plan this part of the trip in a low tide time, when there is a higher chance to have some sandy parts uncovered. If you do not enjoy this way back, you can always go back to the path on the cliff.

You can also continue along the Norfolk Coast Path which transforms and now goes along the sandy beach. For example, you can continue for another 2km to the Quag lying next to the coastline or a little bit further away – it depends whether you are travelling back to Cambridge later or not.

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Coastal trip: Sheringham

There is nothing more relaxing than a sea view. Well, maybe a sea view from height makes it even better… And this is something you can find in Sheringham and along this part of the coast. Perfect place for a relaxing day away from the city! Sheringham is a destination easy to reach from Cambridge…

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