Ditton Meadows and Fen Ditton

  • Start: Midsummer Common
  • Distance: 5km (Ditton Meadows), 7km (Fen Ditton)
  • Time: walk (1-1.5h), cycle (<1h)
  • Loop: no – same route return
  • Alternative options: running, kayak/canoe (1h), SUP (1.5h)
  • When you get there: you can have a picnic on the picturesque Ditton Meadows or you may decide to see Fen Ditton.

From the Midsummer Common walk down the river (i.e. East). After around 1.5km you will get to Stourbridge Common. Keep along the river bank for next 1km (you can choose one of the paths through the Stourbridge Common as well). On your way, cross the railway – this is beginning of the Ditton Meadows.

Here, you need to decide:

  • you can walk around the Ditton Meadows
  • you can cross the Ditton Meadows and get to Fen Ditton village. It’s worth to stop in the village for a while and explore its history and at least most interesting sites (e.g. St Mary the Virgin Church, paper mill).

Return: you can take the same way to return or make some minor modifications by crossing the Meadows in different places.

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