Paddling along the River Cam

Traveling on the water is a totally different experience than walking or cycling. Luckily, we have River Cam flowing through the city. It takes only a while to get there and push off in your kayak, canoe or SUP. Then you can go for a short trip, even only for one or two hours, to have a picnic or to relax on the water in the evening. You can also go for a daily trip or even a few days-long journey. River Cam gives us all those options. What is important, thanks to modern technology, there is a whole range of inflatable water units easily available. They are convenient in handling and some of them can be used for long trips too.

Trek In Cambridge logo

In this section I will collect my paddling trips along the River Cam. You will find a few ideas for shorter and longer trips. Many of them are suitable for inflatable units and some of them would need rigid equipment.

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